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On May 1st, an international holiday is recognised. It is most usually connected with commemorating the labour movement's successes. The festival is also known as International Worker's Day or May Day, and it is observed in over 80 countries as a public holiday. In most nations around the world, May 1st is observed as May Day. The bank holiday is marked on the first Monday of May in the United Kingdom and Ireland, rather than on May 1st. The origins of Labour Day can be traced back to the labour movement, notably the eight-hour day movement, which campaigned for eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation, and eight hours of rest per day. Labor unions around the world hold seminars, demonstrations, and parades during which union leaders speak about the history and significance of Labor Day. Street processions are organised by workers and unions to show solidarity with workers all across the world. On Labor Day, there are often organised street demonstrations in which workers and labour organisations protest labour repression and demand more rights, higher wages, and benefits. Labor Day is more than a holiday; it is supposed to remind us of the dignity of work, whether it is done by older people or youngsters in homes and workshops. They all deserve to be treated with respect.